Video monitoring of the facility is an additional protection that allows you to identify the event by replaying the archived image from the cameras. The video monitoring system can be equipped with many interesting functionalities such as; motion detection, face recognition system, license plate recognition system or detection of a missing object and recognizing the direction of moving objects and people.

For the best image quality, we use hybrid TURBO HD, AHD, HD CVI cameras in full HD (1080p) and higher resolutions and traditional cameras High Definition IP. Cameras that perform the function of recognizing license plates or faces can be integrated with the access control system, barrier system. Such solutions are often used in parking systems. The monitoring system can also be connected to the video intercom system as additional cameras. In the alarm system, cameras can be used for additional alarm verification. Such integration allows to reduce false alarms from external sensors.

Home monitoring - cameras

Monitoring a residential house significantly increases security and deters potential vandals and thieves. Installation of cameras in the house or on the plot, allows for ongoing observation and recording of images from the cameras. We gain full control over the presence of people on the property. Outside, we install cameras with infrared illuminators, allowing for monitoring of the plot at night. Cameras for the home are not only external cameras, but also internal ones. They are mounted directly in living quarters in the form of hidden miniature cameras for the home. Such solutions are perfect for small children and babysitters or for the elderly. Monitoring of the babysitter will give us control over what is happening at home during our absence. The image from the cameras can be viewed remotely using a mobile phone or tablet. The monitoring system can be integrated with alarm system and be used to verify false alarms.

Monitoring for the office, company or store

Office cameras give you the opportunity to verify the behavior of employees during work. Installing cameras in the office mobilizes staff to work more accurately and efficiently. Installation of CCTV cameras in the store reduces the risk of theft and allows you to verify customer behavior. Store cameras are the basis of cashier security. The installation of a special camera for the cash register monitors each opening of the cash drawer, looking at the cashier’s hands and observing the customer at the same time. In the case of large companies, monitoring allows for a global observation of what is happening throughout the company. Surveillance for companies will consist of various types of cameras. He will monitor the area around and in the company itself. Such systems are often integrated with access controlor parking systems . We install cameras monitoring the production process in production companies. In some industries, it is very important to maintain the high quality of products.

Service of cameras and monitoring systems

We offer a service of monitoring systems and cameras. As part of the service, we carry out camera inspections, lens cleaning and an overview of the entire monitoring system. This service also includes repair of cameras in the event of a malfunction. Camera inspections are carried out regularly according to a fixed schedule. The maintenance service allows you to keep the monitoring system in constant working order.