Protection of shops, goldsmiths, jewelers. Goldsmiths or jewelry shops, due to the nature of their activity, possession and storage of valuable items, precious stones or rare ores of high value, are a tasty morsel for criminals. It is therefore worth considering the introduction of appropriate security in the premises.

Smoke system. Smoke protection.

Protect the jewelry store from robbery! Smoke system is a very effective means of preventing burglary, which can be used practically anywhere, regardless of the size of the room. It is also an effective protection of the warehouse. The purpose of the protective fog or protective smoke generation system is to limit the attacker’s visibility, protect property and the life and health of the personnel. The smoke or fog generator starts working as soon as the sensors detect the presence of an intruder. Produces large amounts of dense smoke very quickly. It limits the visibility and ability of a potential burglar to move around the room, which prevents bandits from continuing the robbery or assault. The thief loses his orientation, and the relevant services gain time to react. The anti-theft smoke system is safe both for human health and completely harmless to the interior of the facility in which it is used. Therefore, you do not have to worry that the protection used will damage valuable items. The devices comply with European standards EN-50131-8.

Alarm systems based on seismic sensors.

Seismic sensors allow you to protect safes or safes. The alarm will be triggered by any forceful attempt to get inside the protected object, e.g. with the use of a drill, grinder, cutter, burner or explosives, opening the door or cover or tearing it off the ground.

Alarm systems based on object position change sensors

How to secure a valuable product in the sales room? Just equip it with a position sensor. These sensors react to any changes in the position of the object to which they are attached. Someone took a precious necklace with a sensor attached to it from the display case? The system will signal this automatically. This will help to eliminate losses resulting from theft in a quick and effective way.

Alarm systems based on microwave motion sensors

Motion sensors are a kind of protection against theft, they will allow us to detect objects moving within their range using electromagnetic waves. When the burglar is within the range of the detectors, electromagnetic waves will trigger an alarm that will let us know that an unauthorized person is in our store. The quick response of the alarm system in the store will allow us to scare the thief, speed up the reaction time of the services and significantly shorten the time of the intruder’s free movement around the facility.

Store monitoring

Monitoring for a jeweler or goldsmith is almost a must-have item for people who want to protect their point of sale. Monitoring to the store or back office allows us not only to track the current situation, but also to go back to the events and recreate them. Back-office monitoring allows us to have constant supervision over the goods stored there and allows us to control the people who are there. The high resolution of the cameras used and an option such as face recognition will allow you to quickly identify a thief or attacker, but also to clarify disputed issues. The ability to detection of a missing item will help us locate it, which is especially important when working with valuable items, such as jewelry.
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