Kindergarten and nursery services. We offer a number of security solutions addressed to the owners of nurseries and kindergartens, which will ensure the safety of both children and the entire staff and will improve the work of the facility.

Accounting for the time of the child's stay in kindergarten, nursery.

Kindergarten and nursery services. We offer a number of security solutions addressed to the owners of nurseries and kindergartens, which will ensure the safety of both children and the entire staff and will improve the work of the facility. The Electronic system for settling the child’s stay in a kindergarten or nursery is used to efficiently settle the child’s presence in the facility and control access to it. The electronic billing system automatically counts the time a child spent in a kindergarten or nursery, and allows you to generate a print-ready report. Access to reports on the presence of children in the facility gives us the opportunity to quickly plan the number of meals to be prepared for a given day, or to efficiently organize classes. The option access control gives the possibility of entering the facility, only with an electromagnetic card, which prevents unauthorized persons from entering the facility. It also allows you to quickly verify whether the person is authorized to pick up the child. The entrance door is locked with an electromagnetic bolt, and the system registers the entry and exit of parents or guardians, which significantly increases the level of security. The system of recording and settling the time spent by children in the kindergarten and nursery will also allow for staff management. Keeping a schedule of classes, records of the employee’s working time, submitting leave requests. In addition, we will be able to contact guardians and parents of children via e-mail.

Constant video monitoring of kindergarten rooms and corridors

Monitoring a kindergarten or nursery, i.e. classrooms, cloakrooms, corridors, canteen or playground, gives us constant control over what is happening in their area. The scope of monitoring is determined according to the individual needs of the facility. Thanks to the use of visual monitoring in a kindergarten or nursery we can quickly react in any emergency. The image recorded by the monitoring system allows us to return to specific events, and, if necessary, settle a disputed issue. It is an excellent way to ensure safe conditions for learning, upbringing or carrying out kindergarten tasks, as well as securing property. Constant monitoring of the kindergarten or nursery environment gives us an overview of what is happening in the facility. Thanks to this, we are able to notice any irregularities and potential threats and prevent them.

Protection against access by third parties, access control to kindergarten, nursery.

Implementation of appropriate building security against access by third parties will make the kindergarten or nursery a safe place. In this case, for example, doors and wickets closed with an electromagnetic bolt, which are opened with an electromagnetic card, will work. They will prevent unauthorized persons from entering the premises. Intercom systems in a kindergarten or nursery are a tool through which parents or guardians will make the first contact with the employees of the facility. Installation of an intercom or video intercom allows you to make an initial selection of people who want to get to the premises and their free movement around the premises. Electronic billing systems will help to quickly verify whether the person who picks up the child is authorized to do so. Video monitoring used in the kindergarten or nursery will allow you to see people within the range of the cameras.

Sound systems in kindergartens and nurseries.

The installation of a sound system in a nursery, kindergarten or school makes it possible to broadcast messages via an emergency radio. In the event of unforeseen situations, you can easily and quickly send an announcement that is heard throughout the facility. Sound system will also work well when organizing special events, speeches or performances at school or kindergarten.

Alarm system for kindergartens, nurseries.

The alarm systems used in educational institutions, kindergartens and nurseries, thanks to the installed sensors, will detect a threat and alert us about it. The alarm will activate when the detector detects an undesirable situation: fire, water flooding, high concentration of gas or carbon monoxide. In addition, the use of magnetic sensors in doors and windows will inform us when they are opened. Installation of motion sensors will automatically turn on the light in the selected room, e.g. in the staircase or in front of the building. An additional advantage of this type of sensors is the ability to set the automatic activation or deactivation of heating or air conditioning.