Access control systems for companies. A very popular solution in larger companies where employees’ access to individual rooms is limited. On the basis of such systems, access control to the office or warehouse is built. In an office building, it can be access control of the entire floor integrated with the elevator. Elevator access control will only allow a person to get to the allowed floor. There are many solutions and applications.

Simple access control systems can also be used in smaller installations used in small companies. In the case of condominiums, access control for parking service is often installed. Such control of the car park will directly control the entrance barrier, so that unauthorized persons are not allowed to enter.

Solutions in access control systems

combination locks are the cheapest and at the same time the oldest technology for identifying people. The downside of this type of solutions is the need to remember the code and discreetly “punch the code into the keyboard” so that no unwanted person can see it. Today, however, the most common solution is proximity readers. You just need to carry your ID with you. Proximity identifiers can take different forms. These can be proximity cards and keyrings, they can also be in the form of wristbands, stickers, inserts. In more advanced systems, we can meet with biometric readers. Fingerprint or retina scan access control has its advantages in the form of a high level of security. However, it has limitations that result from the conditions that must be met for the biometric reading to be correct. For example, fingerprint biometric solutions are not recommended for production facilities where hands may be soiled with lubricants or other agents. When deciding to install access control, you should consider many factors and choose the solution that will work best technologically.

Integrations in access control systems

The most common integration is the combination of the access control system with the registration of working time system. This solution allows you to send to the accounting lists of working hours of individual employees. Other integration solutions include the use of cameras from local monitoring in access control systems. The so-called license plate recognition. Number plate recognition systems can control barriers in parking lots, identifying vehicles that are authorized to enter. Another example of access control system integration is integration with alarm system, allowing for automatic arming and disarming of the alarm system. We install access control systems in any variants and integrations, ensuring the best adaptation to the customer’s needs.

Service of access control systems

As part of the services provided, we offer a professional access control system service. We perform periodic inspections of access control, we provide technical materials in the form of proximity cards, key rings and other transponders. As part of the contract, we can also take over the management of the access control system according to specific guidelines. Service is not only system maintenance but also its repair in case of failure. Repair of access control systems is usually carried out in a 24-hour system. This means that in the event of a more serious fault, we try to provide a replacement solution for the duration of the repair, so that the security of the protected premises is not compromised.