An intelligent home alarm system, an economical home and 24/7 security combined in one Satel Integra system.

The Satel Integra system is an alarm control panel that combines the ability to control various electronic devices using a touch screen or a phone application.
When you decide to install a home alarm control panel, you decide what security and amenities will be introduced to your home. An important feature of the Satel Integra System is the ability to divide the facility into zones, thanks to which it does not matter how big your house is. This system will work in any area.

The functionality of the Satel Integra system

The Integra alarm control panel has built-in intelligent building functions:

  • Shutter control,
  • Lighting control,
  • Heating control,
  • Controlling the entrance or garage gate or wicket
  • Automatic control of blinds, awnings or blinds
  • and many other possibilities.

Comfort and convenience

The convenience of controlling them with one button without having to get up from the chair and the high aesthetics of the interior, without visible external mechanisms, strings or tapes.

Automatic lighting control thanks to the Satel Integra system will be much more convenient than traditional switches. The integrated smart home system will allow you to start, control the intensity and turn off the light with the remote control.

Automatic opening and closing of the entrance gate or garage door and wicket. Remote opening the gate, just before your arrival or automatic lighting of the driveway or garage. Special sensors integrated with Satel Integra will open the gate for you, allowing you to enter, and then close it a moment later, preventing uninvited guests from entering the premises. The ability to remotely open the gate and allow a courier or guests who arrived at your doorstep before you had time to return home to enter your premises. After pressing the intercom button, the system can automatically redirect the call, e.g. to your phone. Thanks to which you are able to open the gate remotely. An additional advantage is that no one will notice whether you are present at home or not.

A safe house with animals,is an alarm system resistant to dogs and cats. Satel offers pet-resistant detectors. The use of pet-resistant sensors allows your pet to move freely around the building without causing false alarms. Your pet plays in peace, and you are sure that the house is still safe.

Heating control. Automatic heating setting will allow you to select the most comfortable temperature inside your home. Heating management allows you to adjust the temperature inside the rooms according to your needs and preferences. Do you prefer when the temperature in the living room is slightly higher, and in the bedroom you prefer a few degrees lower? No problem! The system will adapt perfectly to your needs.

Security at night. In addition, the home alarm system, with the help of special detectors, will guard the safety of your home and property. You can sleep peacefully when the Satel Integra System is watching over your safety! The sensors will alert you if they detect any irregularities: sleep gas, intruder, fire, flooding, gas or carbon monoxide concentration too high. The Satel Integra home alarm control panel is a selection of properly selected devices, tailored to your needs!