Control 4 – smart home system, tailored to your needs! Are you looking for an intelligent system that will allow you to manage almost all electronic devices in your home? Control 4 is the perfect solution!
Smart Home is an opportunity to save time, money and extraordinary comfort and convenience.

Smart home-System Control 4 enables:

  • Multiroom audio-video device control allows you to manage TVs throughout your home. When kids forget to turn off the TV, System Control 4 will do it for them. In addition, a properly placed sound system gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sounds of your favorite music in selected rooms. In addition, thanks to the audio system, the smart home will notify us via a voice message when, for example, we leave and forget to close the door.
  • System Control 4 is light control throughout the house and outside. Turn on/off and adjust their color or intensity thanks to the dimmer. Once the parameters are set, the system will continue on its own until further changes are made. Thanks to this, the intelligent building will know when the light should be turned on and with what intensity, and when it should be turned off.
  • The intelligent shading system will allow you to control roller blinds, awnings, blinds, adapting them to your current needs. The system will independently raise and lower them at certain times. So that the subtle rays of the sun wake us up, and in the evening they hide us from the prying eyes of neighbors and ensure privacy. It also allows us to increase the level of security. Thanks to the raised blinds, we can simulate our stay at home, misleading a potential burglar. We can also close them remotely. In the event of an emergency, the automatic roller shutter lifting system will raise them, creating an escape route for us.
  • Controlling the temperature inside the building. The Control 4 system gives you the ability to control heating, air conditioning and recuperation, so you don’t have to worry about whether you will come back after a hard day to the cold interior. It is enough to set a comfortable temperature for us, and the system will automatically adjust it to our preferences. To save energy, the system will automatically reduce the temperature or turn off the heating when you are not at home, and will increase it when you return. It will also adapt to changing weather or open windows in a given room. Automatic recuperation ensures that you breathe mold-free, healthy air without any effort. The system will do everything for you.
  • Smart home integration with cameras Have a constant view of the cameras installed in your home. Thanks to the intelligent system, we can observe what is happening in the house and its surroundings when we are not there. While at work or on vacation; from a laptop, tablet or smartphone; we are able to connect to our home monitoring.
  • Automatic gate and wicket control. The Control 4 system is not only the ability to control devices located in the house, it is also the ability to manage devices located in its surroundings. Devices in the garage or garden will work together. Appropriate programming of the system will allow the entrance gate to automatically recognize the household members, allowing them to enter the property. When you are not at home and a courier with a parcel appears, the smart home will connect directly to your mobile phone. This will allow you to let the courier into the property and lock the gate again when he leaves your premises.
  • Opening the entrance door with a fingerprint after scanning the fingerprint, thanks to the use of a biometric system. In the System Control 4 smart home, we can manage access to its interior using a fingerprint scanner. We no longer have to worry about remembering the key. We are sure that it will not be lost or stolen.
  • Remote door opening and closing. The system allows us to control the door lock. Lock it with an electronic bolt or release the lock by opening the door and allowing trusted persons to enter the building during your absence.

Trouble-free installation in any building

Smart Home is a solution that can be used not only in newly constructed buildings, but also in those already inhabited. The Control 4 system gives us the option of classic installation using a distributed wired and wireless installation. Thanks to this, we do not have to worry about additional repair costs.