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System Control 4, Satel Integra

Controlled lighting, roller shutter control, gate control. Intelligent behavior scenarios.

Solutions for nurseries and kindergartens

Child's stay accounting system

Security of the facility, access control, monitoring, warning sound system, alarm system, fire protection

Solutions for stores

Goldsmiths, Jewelers, Pawnbrokers

Smoke systems, monitoring, alarm system, seismic sensors for safes

Securing secret offices

Two-way access control system to the office premises

Access control, alarm system, monitoring. Event notification and registration systems.

Tomando - installation services, security, electrics, structured cabling

We are a company that provides electronic solutions in the field of security, such as alarm systems with extensive automation functionality. We focus only on the best electrical and teletechnical installations that will guarantee customer satisfaction, which is why we use only the best components from such proven manufacturers as SATEL, PARADOX, DSC. We guarantee reliability and effective protection against all factors threatening the life and safety of people and property.

We implement the visual protection of facilities through modern components in the field of CCTV. These are technological solutions of a high standard, using IP digital cameras and Hybrid solutions with the ability to record images in difficult conditions, thanks to which we provide excellent images even in night conditions in unlit facilities. In our electrical installations, we prefer technologies based on HIKVISION, DACHUA, HQ, BOSCH, SAMSUNG devices.

Alarm Systems

Installations of alarm systems ensure the safety of both people and protect material things against theft. Various types of sensors are used in alarm systems, which makes them the most widespread and universal security systems. We make dedicated installations of home and business alarm systems. We protect open areas and parking lots with external sensors. Learn more or use the online quote. The alarm system can be integrated with messaging and other control systems. As part of our services, we also service alarm systems.

Video surveillance systems - cameras

Professional monitoring installations for home, company or parking lot. Installing cameras is one of the most effective ways to deter a thief or protect against vandalism. Cameras with remote viewing allow you to control what is happening in the monitored facility. Learn more and price the service over the Internet. In addition to installing cameras, we provide camera service and monitoring system service.

Access control and work time registration

Access control systems are commonly used in residential buildings, parking lots, companies and institutions such as nurseries and kindergartens. They can protect against the entry of undesirable persons to the premises or to the premises of a factory, community or garage. They allow you to settle the time spent by children in a nursery or kindergarten. Learn more about access control systems and the possibilities they offer. One of the most common solutions is to combine access control with a time and attendance system. This solution is dedicated to companies with employees. The time registration system can also work independently as a separate system. Read what opportunities the time registration system gives or ask for an online quote. Our company also deals with the service of access control systems and work time registration.

Intercoms and video intercoms

Home intercom or video intercom? We install intercoms and intercom systems for housing communities and cooperatives. Intercoms are the easiest way to communicate and control people entering the building. Learn more about solutions and types of intercoms. Currently, intercom systems are being replaced by video intercoms. Video intercom systems offer much more possibilities than classic intercoms, they enable visual verification of the caller and remote viewing and opening of the entrance via the application. You can find the advantages of video doorphones here and order a quote online. In the era of global monitoring, video intercom systems with image memory have become a standard.

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Modern business realities require enterprises to adopt intelligent security solutions. An efficient access control system (AC) is the basis for security in the company. We install integrated access control systems with Time & Attendance systems, Number Plate Recognition systems and others. In our installations, we use modern proximity, biometric and keypad-based technologies.

We specialize in comprehensive electrical installations up to 1 KV in single-family, multi-family, industrial and office buildings. We start the work from developing a concept, design, through the delivery of equipment along with execution. In the case of reconstruction of existing systems, we replace the electrical and telecommunication infrastructure. The replacement may concern both wiring and electrical switchboards together with electrical equipment and automatic control systems.

The popularity of security Systems

Intrusion notification system
Video surveillance system
Fire notification system
Gas detection system

Wanted functionalities

Integration of roller shutter control with other systems
Remote lighting control
Automatic garden watering control
Remote control over home automation

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All work is carried out by specialized certified employees. The high quality of our services is confirmed by our clients and numerous certificates. We give a 2-year warranty for the assembly work performed. All projects carried out by us have full technical documentation. In our installations, we use only certified devices with CE certificates and meeting the requirements of Polish PN standards.

We perform commissioned services on time

Each time before commencing installation work, we specify the date of the service. Timeliness is our priority. When determining the date of completion of the works, we take into account the delivery time of the devices and carefully calculate the time needed to perform the service. Thanks to this calculation, we usually finish the work before the agreed deadline. Quality and timeliness are our advantage.

Periodic installation maintenance

We provide maintenance services for the installations we perform and the installations already existing on the site. In the case of taking over the maintenance of an existing installation by another company, we perform a detailed expertise and create documentation of the facility. Depending on the type of installation, maintenance is carried out quarterly, semi-annually, annually, every two or three years.

We integrate security systems with intelligent installations

At the customer’s request, we perform simple integrations between security and home automation systems. Remote control over your home or office. In the case of large companies, we use integration based on BMS (Building Management Systems). It is an integrated system that gives you the ability to monitor and manage all devices and systems in the building and its surroundings to obtain optimal energy and media consumption, improve functionality, safety and comfort.

The most common threats - protect yourself



CO poisoning

Gas explosion

We operate in Wrocław and the surrounding area

We are a company from the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. We provide our services in Lower Silesia. Our team of installers and cooperating companies ensures a quick response in the event of a failure or other event. Distance is not a problem for us. Do you need our service? contact us. The high quality of our services is our advantage.